12 Qualities Of Superstar Employees

By September 15, 2021HR & Recruitment Advice

It’s every employers dream to hire top performing employees that meet and exceed expectations – the superstars! Even though some employee fall short of expectation, every company has its superstar employees who seem to get more done, get better results and give better services.  

The following qualities are the hallmarks of excellent superstar employees.


Superstar employees are dependable. They show up to work on time, produce high quality work, consistently meet deadlines and take initiative when needed.


Great employees know that in order to get better results, they have to try new things. They are constantly exploring new approaches and solutions to solve current problems instead of settling for the status quo.


Great employees enjoy collaboration and work well with others. They are ready to share their expertise and willing to learn from others. They always strive to treat others with respect, courtesy and consideration


Top performers are proactive and focused on getting what needs to get done, done. They always take the necessary steps to achieve set goals and strive to measure result and outcomes in order to boost efficiency


Little mistakes can have big consequences. Star employee pay close attention to every minor detail in order catch mistakes on time and deliver high quality work with little to no errors.


Star employees who bring a positive attitude to work have a positive impact on those around them and improve the energy of the team. They are cheerful, optimistic and polite and always assume the best in others.


Employees with high levels of integrity strive to be honest, do the right thing all the time and are accountable for their shortcomings.


Accountable employees keep their promises, consider the consequences for their actions, take full responsibility for their actions and make the necessary amends for their mistakes


Great employees are able to complete tasks individually with little to no supervision. Such employees have a strong focus, possess great time management skills and are able to objectively critique and edit their work.

Active Listener

In order to build strong relationships and process information better, great employees are good listeners. They pay full attention, avoid distractions, never interrupt and listen in order to learn not to respond.

Build and use networks

People can only grow as far as the information and the support around them will allow. A limited education and network will produce limited results. Star employees are able build powerful networks that they can easily leverage to solve problems or create opportunities


Star employees continue to get up no matter how many times they’re knocked down.  They have the will power, strength of character and determination to endure and overcome workplace challenges and a strong desire to succeed at all costs.

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