5 Job Search Myths Keeping You Unemployed

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Do you believe there are no jobs in Kenya? Should you know someone or pay a bribe in order to get a job? Do you think no one will hire you if you are unemployed or were once fired?

If you replied with a yes to any of the above, it’s official: you have been misinformed by widespread job search myths that others have perpetuated as truth or ‘expert’ advice.

Sadly, some of these myths are simply bad advice and misconceptions that might hinder you from finding your dream job. So let’s breakdown and bust these myths to ensure your job search continues smoothly.  

Job Search Myth #1: There Are No Jobs In Kenya

39% of Kenyan youths are unemployed, 2.15 million people have given up on the job search and 1.7 million Kenyans lost their jobs after the Covid-19 pandemic.

So do you stand a chance? Yes, you do!

Granted, the job market is tough but there’s a job out there just for you. You may have to apply for a million jobs, attend many unsuccessful job interviews and volunteer a little longer. Whatever you do, don’t stop looking for your dream job, because once you stop looking you won’t find it.

Job Search Myth #2: No one hires the unemployed

Being unemployed does not automatically make you a bad worker. If you’ve been unemployed due to redundancy, lay-offs, or any other reason beyond your control, don’t write yourself off. Recruiters are human beings who know that life happens, so if your reasons are valid, they’ll understand.

However, keep in mind that recruiters are interested in hiring the best candidate. Mention any volunteer work, or any new skill you gained in order to show that you remained productive during your unemployment period.

Job Search Myth #3: Take the first job offer you get

If you’ve been out of a job, you may be tempted to accept the first job offer you get. After all, what if you don’t get another offer? Also, you probably don’t want to go through the tedious process of applying and interviewing for jobs all over again.

However, only accept the first job offer if you are sure it moves your career in the right direction and adds significant value to your CV. To avoid getting stuck in a job you hate, also consider if the company culture, work environment and co-workers are the right fit for you.

Job Search Myth #4: Apply for every job you find

Most job seekers tend to believe that submitting many job applications will increase their chances of getting numerous job offers. As a result, most job seekers tend to make mass applications using the same generic CV.

Unfortunately, this notion is untrue because recruiters like applications that are customized to their company and their specific job opening.  Therefore, it is better to narrow your search in order to spend more time looking for jobs you qualify for, and ensure you tailor your CV/cover letter to suit each job application.

Basically, prioritize quality over quantity.

Job Search Myth #5: Lowering your salary will get you the job

Contrary to popular belief, lowering your expected salary will not make you the most desirable candidate. In fact, it may only make you look desperate and hurt your chances of getting the job.

 If you’re asking for a reasonable salary offer that falls within the acceptable industry standards, don’t settle for less. If your employer is not willing to negotiate or accept you reasonable offer, they might not be the right fit for you.

Looking for a job is already hard enough without the misinformation, outdated advice and false ‘expert’ theories that will leave you feeling hopeless and disheartened. Not every piece of advice you hear or read applies to your job search and career journey so ignore any theories that might be holding you back from landing your dream job.

Happy job hunting!

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