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Course Cluster - RAC

Cluster 1  -  per user licence

  1. Sales as a Service  
  2. Buyer’s Psychology  
  3. Understanding Customer Needs and Cross-Selling 
  4. Essentials of Retail Selling  


Cluster 2  - per user licence

  1. Upselling with a Difference  
  2. Developing Clients for Life  
  3. Psychology of Selling


Cluster 3 - per user licence

  1. Easy Guide to Selling Financial Services for Direct Sales Agents  
  2. Key Account Management 101: Optimizing Investments in Key Accounts. 
  3. Presenting Solutions and Benefits

Cluster 1 - per user licence

  1.  Customer Service Fundamentals   
  2.  Delivering Excellent Service Through Teamwork  
  3.  How to Become an Effective Call Center Agent 
  4. The You Factor – Applying Emotional Intelligence to Customer Service 


Cluster 2 - per user licence

  1.  A Practical Guide to Ensuring Excellent Customer Service  
  2. Delivering Excellent Customer Service in a Retail Environment  
  3. Mastering the Art of Telemarketing 
  4. Developing a Connection with Your Customers 

Cluster 1 -  per user licence

  1. Introduction To The Business Of Banking
  2. Consultative Selling Skills For Banking 
  3. Introduction To Asset Management 


Cluster 2 -  per user licence

  1. Achieving Teller Excellence 
  2. Fundamentals Of Retail Banking  
  3. Fundamentals Of Trade Financing  


Cluster 3 -  per user licence

  1.  Fundamentals Of Credit I – Analysing Business Environment And Risks  
  2.  Fundamentals Of Credit II – Overview Of The Credit Process  
  3.  Fundamentals Of Credit III – Loan Purpose Analysis 
  4.  Fundamentals Of Credit IV – Loan Disbursement, Documentation And  Monitoring   


Cluster 4 -  per user licence

  1.  Fraud Awareness And Detection Strategies  
  2.  Anti-money Laundering and Combating Financial Crimes I – Introduction to AML and CFT 
  3.  Anti-money Laundering and Combating Financial Crimes II – AML/CFT Red  Flags and Due Diligence 
  4. Fundamentals of Credit Control and Debt Recovery II

Cluster 1 -  per user licence

  1. Introduction to Strategy 
  2. Strategies for Managing Business Risk
  3. Developing A Business Plan That Works
  4. Developing An Effective Quality Management Plan 

Cluster 2 - per user licence

  1. Developing Business Acumen I – What Really Works In Business 
  2. Developing Business Acumen II – Analysing The Business Environment  
  3. Developing Business Acumen III – Business Model Engineering  
  4. Developing Business Acumen Iv – The Elements Of Business  

Cluster 3 - per user licence

  1. Basic Leadership I – Motivating Self And Others
  2. Basic Leadership II – Essentials Of Effective Leadership  
  3. Basic Leadership III – Dealing Effectively With Difficult People
  4. Basic Leadership Iv – Strategies For Resolving Conflict  

Cluster 4 - per user licence

  1. Basic Leadership V – Building Effective Feedback Skills  
  2. Basic Leadership VI – Leading High-Performance Teams  
  3. Managing To Excel  
  4. Fundamentals Of Project Management 

Cluster 5 - per user licence

  1. Action-centred Leader 
  2. The Action-centred Manager 
  3. The Manager As A Coach II 
  4. Achieving Organisational Change 

 Cluster 6 -  per user licence

  1. Effective Supervisory Skills  
  2. Influencing And Negotiating Upwards 
  3. Effective Negotiation Skills  
  4. Practical Guide To Winning Negotiations 

Cluster 7 - per user licence

  1. Developing Your Personal Brand And Impact 
  2. Emotional Intelligence And Personal Leadership 
  3. Emotional Intelligence – Excelling In Leadership
  4. Building The Execution Discipline   

Cluster 8 -  per user licence

  1. Easy Guide To Managing Employee Performance 
  2. Result Orientation And Workplace Effectiveness Through Personal  Accountability 
  3. Conflict Resolution And Managing Difficult Relationships 
  4. Dealing With Stress And Conflicting Needs

Cluster 1 -  per user licence

  1. Honing Your Writing Skills 
  2. The Common Forms Of Business Writing 
  3. Practical Guide To Becoming Emotionally Intelligent
  4. Practical Guide To Business Etiquette  


Cluster 2 - per user licence

  1. Overcoming The Fear Of Public Speaking  
  2. Practical Guide To Better Communication  
  3. Developing An Effective Communication Style  
  4.  Developing High Presentation Skills 


Cluster 3 -  per user licence

  1. Practical Guide To Critical Thinking And Decision Making Skills 
  2. The Ultimate Guide To Goal Setting And Personal Accountability  
  3. Working Smart – Organise And Manage Your Time Effectively 
  4. Decision Making 
  5. Strategies For Managing Stress And Self

Cluster 1 -  per user licence

  1. Basic Accounting I – Introduction To Accounting 
  2. Basic Accounting II – The Accounting Equation  
  3. Basic Accounting III – Journals, Ledgers And Trial Balance  
  4. Basic Accounting Iv – Financial Reporting And Introduction To Final Accounts 


Cluster 2 -  per user licence

  1. Financial Statement Analysis I – Introduction To Financial Ratio Analysis  
  2. Financial Statement Analysis II – Financial Ratios  
  3. Introduction To Budgeting And Budgetary Controls
  4. Introduction To Cost Accounting
  5. Overview O$f Cost Control Strategies  

Cluster 1 -  per user licence

  1. Fundamentals Of Human Resources 
  2. Practical Guide To HRBP I – Evolution Of HR Business Partnering Model  
  3. Practical Guide To HRBP  II – HR From The Inside Out  
  4. The Orientation Handbook – Getting Employees Off To A Great Start